Creating new businesses for TECHIIA Holding

We use shared resources effectively — teams, partnerships and capital. The goal is to produce products and solutions that work as stand-alone companies.


Managing Director VRTX Venture Lab, Chief Innovations Officer

Oleksandr Davydenko

An expert in the development of new business areas for TECHIIA holding. Oleksandr has more than 10 years of experience in the development of complex infrastructure projects, hardware and software businesses, and data centers. He is also an expert in strategic planning and innovation implementation. Oleksander's key task is to create and develop new areas of the holding's businesses.


Managing Partner

Yura Lazebnikov

An expert in the field of IT-integration, software development, esports as a business and the creation of data-centers, an innovator. One of the Managing Partners of the TECHIIA international holding, which unites more than 10 technology companies and projects, as well as more than a thousand employees.

Why us

A venture studio is a startup that builds other startups with shared resources and teams.


We create an MVP and test it in different conditions.

Research and Evaluation

We conduct a detailed analysis, make a business plan, set up processes.

Project Management

We choose the best way to manage.

Product Development

We are operating according to an already established processes.


Our vision

Most accelerators are designed to support startups at entry-level only. We can take a startup at any stage and grow it into a sustainable business with effective tools.

We believe that the possibilities are endless if you use proper tools in the hands of professionals. Startups and business are our lifestyle.

Every idea that gets into VRTX becomes a full-fledged service or product.

The "idea → startup → business → advanced business" cycle is a natural movement for VRTX.

Our principles of work

We combine each startup with the experts it needs in our global network. We provide consulting, design, copywriting, strategy, business development, brand transformation.

We believe in every project, and this belief is based on clear calculations and business model.
  • We work in accordance with international standards.
  • Guided by laws and conduct business transparently.
  • We value partners and contractors.