We invest in exceptional people and products that change the world

You have an idea, and we have financial assets, teams, support services, methodologies and all the tools needed for its implementation. VRTX turns an idea into a standalone business.


Industries we invest in

We invest resources in promising industries — for the planet, humanity and business. We adhere to the sustainable development goals, thus getting a future-oriented result.

  1. Precision Agriculture

  2. UAV Technology

  3. Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

  4. Internet of Things

  5. MarTech

  6. Renewable Energy Management

  7. Esports and Entertainment Tech

Benefits of working with us

We use shared resources — teams, partners and financial assets — to launch products or solutions that work as stand-alone businesses.


We provide turnkey solutions for startups


We invest resources in promising ideas


We provide expert support

Entering Foreign Markets

We bring companies to the EU and US markets

Marketing And Design

We create a brand and identity

Debugged Processes

We choose the path that will give a 100% result


From idea to business that works

How to pitch us

01 .

Fill out the feedback form

02 .

We will check if the startup meets the criteria

03 .

We will conduct research and client interviews

04 .

We define growth areas

05 .

We will create an MVP and test of all possible events

06 .

Finally, we will launch a service/product, with help of our team, marketing, sales and unlimited growth

Have an idea? Contact us!

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Our vision

Most accelerators are designed to support startups at entry-level only. We can take a startup at any stage and grow it into a sustainable business with effective tools.

We believe that the possibilities are endless if you use proper tools in the hands of professionals. Startups and business are our lifestyle.

Every idea that gets into VRTX becomes a full-fledged service or product.

The "idea → startup → business → advanced business" cycle is a natural movement for VRTX.

Our principles

We combine each startup with the experts it needs in our global network. We provide consulting, design, copywriting, strategy, business development, brand transformation.

We believe in every project, and this belief is based on clear calculations and business model.

  • We work in accordance with international standards.
  • Guided by laws and conduct business transparently.
  • We value our partners and contractors.